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    Highly Diversified SEO + SMO with 30+ Platforms & LINDEXED Submission

    3,000.00 2,000.00

    Highly Diversified backlinks Service will provide your backlinks From Deeper Level with upto 4-Tier with Numbers of Platform & Good Amount of Social Signals.

    Service Based on : 
    1) Latest Google Panda Update
    2) Latest Google Penguin Update
    3) Latest Google Hummingbird Update

    Advantages : 
    1) Improvement in traffic
    2) Improvement in SERP
    3) Increase Page Authority
    4) Increase Page Popularity
    5) Increase Social Metric Score by Social Activity.

    Overview of Service :
    1) Multi-level Linking with Best Structure.
    2) Suggest Best On-Page Optimization Tweaks for your Web-Page.
    3) Used over 30+ Platform while Linking.
    4) Work on Each Tier will be Perform with Interval of 2-3 days to Maintain Link Velocity.
    5) Advance Linking using Main Keywords with “Partial Match Keywords”, “Broad Match”, “URL”, “Natural Signals” like Click here, here, etc.
    6) Tier 1 Include Related Images with Blogs.
    7) Re-write 2-4 Scrapped Articles and Spun it with 70+ percent Uniqueness
    8) Each Tier Use Different Scraped Re-Written Articles.
    9) Social Signals : Facebook likes/Shares, Twitter Tweets/Re-Tweets, Pinterest Pins / Likes, Delicious Submission on Main URL and Tier 1 URL’s.
    10) LINDEXED & LinkProcessor.com Submission with a Drip of 10-15 days to Index your All Links Bit Faster.

    Here we believe in creating Quality Backlinks not Quantity is Not Matter, so kindly don’t accept 10000+ backlinks from this Service here we are working for targeting Deeper with Quality Backlinks with Good Neighborhood backlinks that is what Google Latest Update Wants. But here is Rough Look what you Will get :

    Tier 1 : 
    ★ High PR5+ Web 2.0 Properties with Related Images.
    ★ Low PR2+ Web 2.0 Properties with Related Images directing to Main URL & High PR Web Properties Blogs.

    Middle Tier’s :
    ★ Social Network Links & Article Submission Links to Low PR Web 2.0 Properties & Main URL.
    ★ Quality Social Bookmarks to High PR and Main URL
    ★ Web 2.0 Profile Links & Forum Profiles Links to Low PR Web 2.0 Properties & Articles + Social Network Links.
    ★ PDF Shares including to High PR Web 2.0 Properties to High PR Web 2.0 Blogs.

    Tier 3: 
    ★ 1000+ Quality Wiki Links using Tier 2 Links to Index Them Fast.
    ★ 2000+ Blog Commnt Mix Follow & Dofollow to Tier 2 Links To Index Them Fast.

    Tier 5: 
    ★ Submission of All Links to Lindexed.com & LinkProcessor.com (Paid Service) with 10-15 days Drip Depending upon Keyword Strength for Fast Indexing of Links to Search Engine. (You can Ask for Crawling Report anytime within 15 days of Delivery.)

    Secret Sauce : 
    ★ High PR Dripfeed Bookmarks on Our Private Network (Schedule of Drip Will be Provided.)Dripfeed Bookmarks on Our Private Network (Schedule of Drip Will be Provided.)
    ★ In Secret Sauce we will Create Few high Quality Backlinks on our Private network which would not be Provide in Reports. Links would have Some High Quality Press Release with Social bookmarks, Profile Links, Web 2.0 Properties, etc.

    Reports :
    You will get all Reports for Web 2.0 Blog PropertiesSocial LinksProfile LinksSocial Bookmarks, PDF Links & DripFeed Bookmark Schedule. To Keep Our Network Safe from Spammers We Don’t Provide Reports for Wiki LinksBlog Comments & Secret Sauce that is Our Private Network Linking Using Press Release, Web 2.0 Properties, Social Bookmarks, Profile Links, etc.


  • I Will Boost Your Sales With Viral Marketing


    I will do VIRAL MARKETING for your Link/URL(website, blog, article, press release, social media page, youtube video/channel url) to 400-1500 websites(depending upon the package you choose) for making it viral.


    This gig will benefit you as I will get your content/website on the most shared channels via social bookmarking. This gig will make your content viral as well as it will also help you in getting boost in SEO keywords rankings in Search engine ranking pages.

    You just have to submit the URL that you want me to promote

    NOTE: If you want to place order for your website’s inner link, Or Facebook/Youtube/Twitter Channels, Or a video URL, then you have to order $5 gig extra mentioned below.

    Reporting: I will give you the detailed report of live links and the status of links built. Results will start showing up within a few days once the Google crawls the entire web

    ORDER FOR 2 and GET 3rd one FULLY FREE.

  • I Will Bring Real Visitors, Targeted Web Traffic


    Thanks to special deals we have with domain registrars, your website will be displayed on thousands of constantly different domains matching your target audience.

    Key features:

      1. Real visitors with unique ip. No bots, proxies, or datacenters – only real traffic
      1. No china traffic
      1. NEW – traffic doubled – at least 200+ guaranteed daily visitors
      1. Visitors will be driven for a whole month with no daily limits
      1. Traffic is Direct and 100% Adsense SAFE
      1. CPA, affiliations, landing pages, blogs, etc are welcome!
      1. Trackable on Analytics (UTM tags gladly accepted)
      1. SEO friendly
      1. Custom tracking provided
      1. Extensive customer support

    We will always deliver on time, regardless the orders in queue: we, as professionals, are committed to our work.
    Please don’t ask or give personal contacts: we only operate here on Fiverr and we respect the ToS. Thank you!

  • I Will Do White Hat Seo Optimization Deliver Keyword Search Traffic


    ***Limited Time Offer, Order any of my gig with 1 gig extra and you will get another gig extra totally free***

    • True Search Traffic
    • Keyword Targeted and Niche Specific
    • 24hours Express Delivery
    • 100 Daily Visitors
    • 100% Adsense Safe Google Traffic
    • Perfect White Hat Seo
    • Guaranteed Low Bounce Rate

    I guarantee true keyword search visitors. You have to chose your keywords and I will do the research and optimization based on keyword matrix on Google Algorithm. I will do the search engine optimization and you will start getting search visitors.

  • I Will Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website


    Trusted seller with over 8500 Positive Reviews and more than 14.500 completed projects.
    Do you need VIRAL website traffic? Do you need more sales for your website?
    Look no further! You’re at the right place!
    How does it work?
    Our audience is more than 1 Million people around the world.
    Just give us your link and we will target the correct audience.
    Why do you need our service?
    Because nowadays no website can survive without traffic.
    What will you get from buying this Gig:

    • Targeted website promotion in front of millions of active members.
    • Real organic people will visit your site;
    • Increase Ranking on Google;
    • Traffic demographics:90% USA +10% worldwide Traffic;
    • Quality visitors that will make sales on your website;
    • Increase your own brand and reputation online;
    • A professinal service and quick response;
  • I Will Drive Niche Targeted Country Specific Website Traffic


    Get 250,000 Unlimited Keyword Targeted Traffic to Your Website in as quick time as possible when you order this gig,
    Do you Require Real Web Traffic to your website? Do you want to Boost your website organic traffic on search engines? Are you in need of india Traffic? If your answers are YES; then click the green button to place your order and unlock over 300,000 unique visits to your website

    I will send niche targeted web traffic for 30 days. This will be 100% niche targeted visits from sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, quora, google, bing, like-wise.

    We will share you links on social media sites and other DA9 websites. Will get daily 200 / 500 / 1000 unique visits daily for next 30 days. We will try to optimize your website’s traffic that is increased page views and lower bounce rate.
    Popular Niches:

    • Real Estate
    • Health and Fitness
    • Sports
    • Accounting, Finance and Business
    • Food
    • Photography
    • Jobs
    • Make Money Online
    • Movies and entertainment
    • New, media and publications

    * Unique direct visitors to your website
    * Google analytics and Goo.gl trackable
    * 100% Niche targeted traffic only
    * You can track by yourself.
    * 200 / 500 / 1000 unique daily visitors for 30 days
    * If not satisfy with our service 100% Money back guaranteed

    ♥♥♥How To use my service♥♥♥
    1) Provide The LlNK You want.
    2) Give Short Description about your link (50-500Words)
    3) Choose 3-5 Keywords That You want to Target

  • I Will Drive Real Web Traffic


    We will Drive UNLIMITED Real Human website traffic to your website for 30 Days
    All traffic sources will be monitored and researched to make sure it is in compliance with Google absolutely no black hat methods allowed
    24,000 Total Web Traffic Within 30 days – Daily 800++ Guaranteed.

    • Real visitors No bots.
    • Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird & Adsense safe
    • Online Tracking Report Will be Provided
    • ~60 % USA , 20 % European Countries & 20% Worldwide.
    • No china views.
    • Excellent Alexa rank And SEO complementary
    • Real visitors with unique ip. No bots.
    • 100% Money back guaranteed.
  • I Will Drive Unlimited Real Traffic For 30 Days


    Yes you read it right!
    Real Traffic is the most important element of the overall success of your website..so if you miss this, you miss the important factor!

    • 1.Order will be delivered and Traffic will start within 24 hrs
    • 2.Real Visitors,No bots
    • 3.Direct traffic source
    • 4.100% Ad-sense safe
    • 5.Google updates safe
    • 6.100% traceable from Google analytics
    • 7.Unique Tracking link will be provided to track visits
    • 8.CPA, affiliate websites, blogs, landing pages etc. are welcome (except youtube)
    • 9.24×7 support

    What makes me different than others?

    • 1.Safe and Quality Traffic Provider
    • 2.15000+ sales
    • 3.100% Positive rating
    • 4.SEO certified professional
    • 5. 7+ yrs of Experience in SEO
  • I Will Drive Verified Google Friendly Web Traffic


    I want to introduce my new web traffic project designed by my team of SEO Experts to you. Website trafffic is the lifeblood of your online business. If you are not getting enough visitors, you seriously need to find a solution that work for You just using social signals.
    I will drive 25,000+ Verified Unique SEO Visitors From Google within 30 Days!

    The service possibilities:

    • 1. Real visitors with unique ip will be driven to your website!
    • 2. Improved Alexa Ranking, 800+ guaranteed daily visits
    • 3. The web traffic is google Direct and 100% Adsense SAFE
    • 4. SEO complementary
    • 5. Extensive customer support
    • 6. Real high-quality visitors
    • 7.Traffic around the US and Europe!
    • 8.Full web traffic confirmation with Live analytic Links.
  • I Will Keyword Target Organic Website Traffic From Usa,Adsense Safe


    Real visits – no bots! Beware of other sellers selling similar services thru automated bots.

    We don’t use any kind of BOT,SOFTWARE,TOOL OR TRAFFIC EXCHANGE SITE(hitleap, 10khits..i.e) to provide fake visitors.100% GUARANTEED.

    We guarantee keyword targeted organic visitors from google with low bounce rate(less than 30-35%) and long visit duration 100% guaranteed

    • 1. 250+ daily visitors for 30 days.
    • 2. High quality keyword targeted visitors.1-5 keywords/phrases accept.(if you need more key words check my extras)
    • 3. Traffic come from google search your target keywords
    • 4. Long visit duration(Depend on package you choose)
    • 5. Low bounce rate(less than 30-35%)
    • 6. Visits from USA(contact me for other targeted country visitors)

    Super-Targeted To Your Site:
    These visitors are very interested in your website.If you have 3 banners on your site that show targeted ads,visitors can also be interested in your banners.No one is asked to click on anything,so this is perfectly safe.

  • I Will Promote Website Affiliate Link To Get Traffic Worldwide


    Do you have a product or service to sell?
    Are you getting tired of promoting and getting nowhere?
    Are you interested in increasing your sales ?
    Are you going from one safelist to another cutting & pasting your ads?

    If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then the Solution has found YOU! What is the solution? E-mail is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the internet today.

    Here is what I offer
    1.I will Blast your Message/Offer/Link/email ad or solo ads to 51 00 000 emails Recipients. All are Consumers and Business Recipients. List updates daily
    2 .I will post your Message/Link/Offer >>my 100,000+ Twitter Followers.
    To start i need only message/link. I will make your ad including picture/image
    You will get Guaranteed Visitors/Clicks!! 15000+

    I work hard to give you with the best quality traffic, but being real human visitors I can not control their actions, conversions or sales.
    You will get results in few days
    Reporting: I will give you screenshot of message sent. I will provide tracking url.

  • I Will Provide Real Web Traffic


    We will Drive UNLIMITED Real Human web traffic to your website for 30 Days.
    Daily 800++ web traffic Guaranteed

    • 1. Real visitors No bots.
    • 2. Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird & Adsense safe
    • 3. Online Tracking Report Will be Provided
    • 4. ~60 % USA , 20 % European Countries & 20% Worldwide.
    • 5. No china views.
    • 6. Excellent Alexa rank And SEO complementary
    • 7. Real visitors with unique IP. No bots.
    • 8 .100% Money back guaranteed.
    • 9. You can Choose your TRAFFIC source: Google ( default )

    1. Good Ranking in search engine “Google”
    2. Increase the PR for your website
    3. Boost Alexa Rank and SEO
    4. Unique visitors
    5. The trafic is source target and 100% Adsense safe