“It is very important that the logodesign is original and unique for the identification of a particular business alone and is not a typecast logo and hence, designing a business logo is not a difficult task and it requires highly creative and specialized skill to design corporate logo.”

logo design
Logo is your corporate identity. If you’re a startup or an enterprise, Logo is a key element. We offer customized services for company logo design that suites Startups, Mid-size companies and Enterprises. If you’re not happy with your current logo design and it was done when you started your business and now that you’re established you want the logo speak about your success, please get it touch for redefining your logo. Siteadda as a professional Logo design India company help you stretch to your target group and your prospective clients by creating a unique, relevant and a professional logo that can set an example of what your business stands for. We as Logo Design Company India provide committed and quality services to reinforce your branding strategies and earn you success in your business venture.

We as Logo Design India company understand while outsourcing company identity services you look for a responsible and dependable company which is good at what they do and affordable to be competitive and provide the best ROI for the money spent. We guarantee that within a week or less we provide you with a professional logo design with a distinct image you wish to portray.


  • Logodesign is as important to the business as the business name.
  • Logodesign promotes the business professionally in the market.
  • Logodesign helps in attracting potential customers and client to the business.
  • Logodesign provides authenticity and genuineness to a business.
  • Logodesign exclusively illustrates the theme of the business it represents.


What kind of logo—iconic, typographic, or combination?

Three different kinds of logo designs :-

1) Iconic logos : Iconic logos (also called symbolic logos) are simply shapes or icons that are easily recognizable and represent a company or idea. An iconic logo either literally or abstractly represents your product, or the idea that your product represents.
Because an icon alone doesn’t include any words to add context, if a consumer isn’t familiar with the logo, they may not associate it with the product it represents. It fact, they may not even know it’s a logo!

2) Typographic logos : Typographic logos are also known as logotypes or word marks. These logos are uniquely styled type or font treatments of the product or company name. Because there are thousands of fonts, there are literally thousands of options available when it comes to creating a typographic logo.

3) Combination logos : This is the most common type of logo we see. It combines a unique icon with a type treatment of the product or company name, hence the name combination mark. Combination logos have the advantages of both icon and word marks. They include a symbol that can represent the ideas your product represents. And they include your product name in an appropriate font so customers can easily remember who you are.