Flash Animation
Flash is a state of the art technology that caters to both design and programming aspects of a Website. In other words, both static and dynamic Websites can be created using Flash design and programming, without having to rely on any server side scripting languages like ASP.net, PHP etc.

Flash is a complete solution in itself. It provides an interface to the designers enabling them to experiment with and achieve various possibilities of effective animations through inbuilt functions. On the programming front, Flash developers can create interactivity in Flash designs through Action Scripting, a language that is specific to Flash programming.

The scope of what can be achieved with Flash design and programming is amazing. You could have Flash animated logos, Flash shopping carts, Flash audio and video players and so on.

Flash also enables one to design and develop interactive Web applications such as a Online games, Web Quiz, Online Design Applications like a T-shirt designer may be or a Flash Room Designer Application that could enable you to design your room online and then drag and drop components in the room till you get the desired look and feel.

Adobe Flash is a perfect tool to create rich multimedia presentations. We can create both real life effects and high end animations. Using Flash we can make your presentation have videos, audio, interactive graphs and what have you. What’s more, the presentations itself can be made interactive with an ability to accept data from the user.

Excellent Games and educational material can be created with Flash that can provide children and adults alike, engrossing, eye catching and interactive interfaces to learn and play through.